# BrewPi Spark simulation

The Spark service comes with a built-in simulator. This simulator won't control physical actuators or use OneWire sensors, but also doesn't need a Spark controller to function.

Setting it up is easy.

Navigate to the directory you chose during the installation (default: cd ~/brewblox), and run this command in your terminal:

brewblox-ctl add-spark --name spark-one --simulation

# Using multiple Simulation services

To add more simulation services, run the above command again, but replace spark-one with your desired service name.


brewblox-ctl add-spark --name spark-two --simulation

# Converting a service

Blocks and block names defined by a simulation service will not be used by a non-simulation service.

If you originally set up the system with a spark-one simulation service, you can convert it to a non-simulation service by running the following command:

brewblox-ctl add-spark --name spark-one

The simulation blocks will be kept, but not used by the Spark controller.

Last Updated: 9/23/2022, 12:20:52 PM