# Adding a Spark service

After you've followed the Getting Started guide, you may want to connect your second or third Spark.

The Multiple Devices guide explains how Services work in Brewblox. This guide walks you through the steps to add a new Spark service.

# What you will need

  • Existing Brewblox installation
  • BrewPi Spark
  • Micro-USB cable

# Step 1: Stop your system

You'll be changing the configuration of your Brewblox system. For the changes to take effect, you must stop and start your system.

In your Brewblox directory (default: ./brewblox), run this command:

brewblox-ctl down

# Step 2: Flash the firmware


Make sure no other Sparks are connected over USB while you're flashing your controller.

In your Brewblox directory (default: ./brewblox), run this command:

brewblox-ctl flash

Follow the instructions until the menu exits.

# Step 3: Edit configuration

We will be using the brewblox-ctl add-spark command to add the service. It will ask you some questions, and then automatically edit your docker-compose.yml file.

If you run brewblox-ctl add-spark without any arguments, it will prompt you for required info, and then create a sensibly configured service.

If you want to fine-tune your service configuration, multiple arguments are available. The Connection settings guide describes these in detail.

Some arguments that can be set:

  • --device-id: If you already know the device ID.
  • --device-host: If your Spark controller has a fixed IP address, you can skip discovery, and immediately connect to its IP address. You must assign the Spark controller a static DHCP lease in your router for this to work.
  • --discovery: If you want to restrict device discovery to only use USB (--discovery=usb), or only use Wifi (--discovery=wifi).

# Step 4: Add the service in the UI

After you started the newly added service, it will automatically show up in the UI sidebar a few seconds later.

Click on it to start using the service in the UI.

Adding service